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Coach. Artist. Writer. Trainer. Leader. Teacher. Friend.


Who I Am + What I Do

 I’m a 20-something former elementary teacher with a passion for helping women feel good in their bodies so they can feel good in their lives. I believe we are the best friends, partners, parents, daughters and women in general when we’re confident in the way we look. In addition to personal training + custom workout programs, I offer 1:1 + group coaching sessions, group workshops & I give talks about how the way we feel about how we look impacts the rest of our lives.

why i do it

My original personal training practice morphed into something deeper when I noticed a shared desire between every single one of my female clients, and even myself— not the desire to “lose weight” or “get in shape,” but something much more vulnerable and harder to admit & assess: a desire to feel good about the way our bodies look. So much of our life is informed by what we think of ourselves. Whether we want to admit it or not, what we think of the way we look does matter, and it’s not superficial to want to believe we look good. Body image + confidence go hand-in-hand and my personal training is just one tool I use as a coach.



Health + Happiness is a blog dedicated specifically to my personal resources, recommendations & advice on all things health and happiness.

The Line is a blog where I write short, thought-provoking posts to encourage you to blur the line between who you are and how you live.

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Art is so much a part of my happiness and authentic living. 
Everything here is handmade, meaningful & original. I also do custom projects!

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