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I'm Emily Jordan.


I’m never quite sure how to answer the question, “Who are you?” but here’s my best shot for now:

I’m a women’s body image + confidence coach, a writer, podcaster, creative spirit, frequent biker & occasional runner. I’m from a 3-stoplight town in Louisiana and have lived as far as the French Alps but currently call Charleston, SC home.

In 2016, I left the classroom as a fifth grade teacher to pursue my own business & passions and have never felt more alive than I do now as I help teach women how to truly like their bodies & gain the life-altering confidence they never knew they were missing.

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Connect With ME

credit: Lauren Matherne Photography

credit: Lauren Matherne Photography

my why

My original personal training practice morphed into something deeper when I noticed a shared desire between every single one of my female clients, and even myself— not the desire to “lose weight” or “get in shape,” but something much more vulnerable and harder to admit & assess: a desire to feel good about the way our bodies look. So much of our life is informed by what we think of ourselves. Whether we want to admit it or not, what we think of the way we look does matter, and it’s not superficial to want to think we look good. Body image + confidence go hand-in-hand and my personal training is just one tool I use as a coach. To explore other tools + methods, click the buttons below.