Il Faut Rever (typewriter)

Il Faut Rever (typewriter)

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This typewriter print was a collaborative effort by my younger sister and I. I painted & wrote, she typed. This one is 6" wide x 4.5" tall, and we imagined it as a simple & plain print for a bulletin board, mirror, or wall. 

*Framed & unframed options available

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The story: These 3 words are near and dear to my heart (and foot, where I have them tattooed) because they mean, "We have to dream." I first heard them in a college lecture, believe it or not, and they've ben a driving force behind so many of my pursuits and beliefs since then. I believe dreams are what drive us to be who we are, what give us hope, and what ultimately become our lives if we have the courage to follow them fiercely.