Grocery List & Meal Plan

Grocery List & Meal Plan


Do you go to the store, buy a bunch of stuff you think is healthy, and then get home and not know what to do with it? Been there. I created an organized grocery list AND week's worth of meals + recipes to teach you how to eat & keep you on track to reaching all your goals. 

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With this purchase, you get:
-7 days of eating  (3 meals, 2 snacks and 1 dessert each day) 
-a categorized grocery list
-full recipes for all meals, snacks & desserts

**All days are under 2,000 calories and include adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat distribution. With the exception of 1-2 items (depending on location), this entire list can be fulfilled at Walmart, and it will even leave you with leftovers to continue forming healthy eating habits.