3 Reasons WHY You Should Talk About Your Fitness Journey

So you’ve decided to start this journey (or whatever.)  

In the beginning (and even in the middle!) you might feel self-conscious, embarrassed, nervous for what people will say. I know I was, and still am sometimes. It’s totally normal to feel those things when you enter into any arena for the first time. You might be starting off with absolutely no real knowledge about health or fitness, or you may know a lot of things but also be smart enough to realize there’s a lot you don’t know. You might be the last person people would expect to make changes like this, or you might be the one everyone’s been thinking needs to make these changes. 

Either way, beginning anything is scary, and it can be tempting to want to keep your new journey and decisions to yourself to protect yourself from those feelings of fear and embarrassment, but trust me, making your intentions known to your community (friends, family, colleagues, etc) is only going to help you. Who cares what people say about how “weird” it is or how far you have to go. This is YOUR journey, not theirs, finding the confidence to be open about it is just part of your growth. 

I’m not saying you have to make some big announcement, send a group text, start a #FitFam email chain or post some big heartfelt post to social media, but I am saying you need to speak up about your intentions and goals for 3 simple reasons:

It's empowering. 

It holds you accountable. 

It inspires others. 


Saying straight up to someone, “No thanks, I’m trying to be more careful about my snacks,” or “I’ll come after the gym!” actually feels pretty damn good. Try it. 

In addition to feeling empowered, letting people know about your new decisions might make the whole thing a little more real, hold you that much more accountable, and thus make it all a little easier to follow through on. Besides, you know people are nosy AF and bound to ask you sooner or later how that “diet thing” is going… you can’t let them down!

Lastly, telling people you’re trying to be more aware of what you eat or make an effort to be more active might just give someone else the push they needed to join you! So be careful who you share with, because you might just get stuck working out with that girl from work… 


But what are you supposed to say? How are you supposed to let people in on this new lifestyle thang?

Like I said, there’s absolutely no reason (like, ever) to start a #FitFam group text or anything like that, but next time you’re out to happy hour with friends and they ask why you’re only having 1 beer and a taco salad, say something like, “I’m trying to be more conscious about eating when I’m not actually hungry,” or when you ditch a party at 10pm when everyone’s just starting to get #Lit, be honest and say you already committed to going to the gym early in the morning. 

The thing is, if you’re really making lifestyle changes, your lifestyle is going to... well... change. People are going to notice, and they’re going to ask. The opportunity to speak up will present itself multiple times. You owe it to yourself to own your decisions. This is all part of the process.

Grow, baby, grow.