This week, I’m bringing you FIVE HEALTH HACKS to help make your health EASIER. These are 5 things I do on a daily basis that make health less of a conscious decision and more of a lifestyle.

Which ones will you incorporate or do you already do? Let me know & enjoy my hacks!

1. Plan for it.


Whether you track your food or not, planning your daily or weekly food choices around things you know you want to have but might not be the best options is the easiest way to stay on track without depriving yourself or going overboard. 

For me, this looks like entering in a chocolate popsicle into MyFitness Pal at 8 a.m. so that all day, I know I have “room” in my macros and calories for this. 

For you, this might look like skipping the oats at breakfast and bun at lunch so you can have “room” for table bread at the dinner you’re going to tonight. 

Moral of the story is: if it’s a priority to you, plan for it. If you don’t want to skip dessert, don’t, but do plan for it so that you don’t feel guilty for partaking. 

2. Ditch the butter.

I love butter just as much as Paula Dean (okay maybe not that much) so the thought of dry toast or flavorless baked potatoes sounds pretty boring and unappealing to me. 

However, instead of indulging in the spreadable butter, buy some spray butter and save on the cals and fat. 

I use spray butter for toast, potatoes, eggs and to give grilled fish a little extra flavor as well. It’s versatile, calorie-friendly, and also easier to use than spreading butter in my opinion.

3. Make yourself work for it. 


If you’re like me and you keep little chocolates and candies around for those sweet tooth cravings, at least make yourself work for them. 

I have treats on the highest shelf of my pantry in a container. This means they’re not the first thing I see when I walk into the pantry for a snack, they’re hard to reach and I actually have to make an effort to go for them. 

It may sound silly, but sometimes I find myself reaching up for a Reese’s cup and thinking, “Okay seriously? How bad do you want it?” The extra step of getting a treat gives you extra think-time on that indulgence, and sometimes, it’s enough to talk you out of it. 

Other times, you’ll still go for it. But at least you’ll know it was a real choice and not just the closest, easiest thing to grab. 

4. Coffee, ginger ale, tea, sparkling water.


All great beverages that stave off hunger. Although most of the time you’re not truly hungry, you’re just bored or habitually eating, its hard to convince yourself not to open that box of crackers or peak in the fridge for a snack when you’ve already thought to yourself, “Man I’m hungry.”

I make a cup of coffee, pour some cold brew, or sip on ginger ale to fill me up and see if I’m actually hungry or just needing something to taste and distract me. 

(It’s usually the latter.)

5. Make water readily available. 


Water intake is probably the #1 factor in satiety, nutrient absorption, and toxin release. It’s going to keep you full, help your body make use of the healthy things you consume, and also make it easy to flush out what you don’t need anymore. 

That being said, you’re not as likely to reach for water if it’s not easy or available. I recommend a number of things to make sure you’re on your H2O game:

  • pre-filled water bottles
  • pre-filled jug of water
  • 1 cup of water before, during, and after every meal
  • bottles or cups with straws
  • easily portable cups or bottles

Challenge yourself to try and carry some type of water everywhere you go. Bring it with you in the car, in the store, while you get ready in the morning. You’re 10x more likely to drink water if it’s already with you rather than if you have to go out of your way to get it. 

Don’t forget, too, that flavored water counts! Crystal light, lemonade, sparkling water, or other flavored waters all count towards water intake!

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