A Long-Overdue Conversation

Hey there friends,

If you didn’t know, I’ve been hosting an in-person workshop for the past 2 Saturdays here in Charleston & it’s been seriously impactful.

Not just during the even itself, but even as the week goes on.

It’s called the Saturday Series, and I pick a few Saturdays, round up my lady crew + get them to round up theirs, we workout, we cool down, and then we talk.

It’s all of my favorite things rolled into one:
and conversation.

Most importantly, conversation that matters.

Each Saturday Series will have a different topic, but for this kickoff series, I chose
“Body Image: How The Way We Feel About How We Look Impacts The Way We Live.”


For me, this particular topic is a conversation that’s long overdue among us women.

Why has it taken us (me) so long to realize the connection between the way I perceive my body & the way I live my life—
the choices I make (or don’t)
the things I say (or don’t)
the things of which I think I am worthy (or not.)

The group discussion contributions have blown me away. I mean, I knew girls ruled & boys drooled, but each week I’ve still been blown away by how willing women are to share & also how dang similar we all are.

The experiences of looking in the mirror, trying on clothes, looking at media images of other women, comparing ourselves to other girls when we’re supposed to be out enjoying ourselves— they’re all shared by every woman I’ve talked to.

It’s been such a cool conversation, and I want to invite you to join, too, even if you can’t come to the Saturday Series in-person.

Here are some questions we’ve considered together:

What is body image?

Why does it matter? What role does it play in your day-to-day life?

How does the way you feel about the way you look impact the choices you make?

Would you describe your own body image as positive, neutral or negative?

Where does body image come from?

What do health + fitness have to do with body image?

Next week, at the final workshop, we’re talking about changing our body image for the better. It’s been agreed upon that most of us have either neutral or negative body image.

I’m so not okay with that!!

But I’m totally one of the self-described “neutral” women. I struggle with these things, too.

I’d love for you to join this long-overdue conversation, and even open it up in your own female peer groups. Press “reply” to this email (or comment below if you’re reading in your browser!) with your own thoughts, answers, questions or concerns.


P.S. - A NEW podcast episode is releasing Wednesday & trust me— you wanna hear this one. I interviewed a friend of mine who’s super passionate about helping women get punched in the face. (WHAT?!?!) Check out the teaser clip here.