Practical Tips for Eating Less: Pt 4- Am I Hungry?

Alright folks!

We are closing out this series this week with my fourth and final tip for cutting back your caloric intake, and that is: deciding whether or not you’re genuinely hungry.

In case you missed last week’s post on portion control, here’s the link to that as well as weeks 1 & 2 on The 20-Minute Trick to tackle boredom eating and emotional eating.

Okay let’s get into it!

I think the first and most important thing I want to mention here is that if you’re doing this whole eating thing optimally, you really shouldn’t be reaching a state of true hunger all that often.

Yes, it’s fine and good to feel ready to eat when it’s meal time, but for me, there’s a difference in being ready to eat and feeling truly hungry.

The problem with allowing yourself to get actually hungry is that we aren’t prone to wise-decisions when we’re in this state.

So my first tip here I guess is: don’t let yourself get to that point.

** The coolest thing about healthy eating (besides that it’s healthy) is that it’s food our bodies need and use best, meaning it keeps us fueled and full because it’s real, nutrient-rich, good food.

If you can make a habit of eating pretty healthy most of the time — think: less stuff out of bags + boxes and more stuff from the earth (or stuff that walks on the earth)— you’re probably going to feel full most of the time.

Lots of us— myself included— are guilty of eating when we’re not actually hungry. (See posts 1 & 2 on eating when you’re bored, stressed, happy, sad, etc.)


An easy way to address that is by simply asking yourself, “Am I hungry?” before you open the fridge, walk into the pantry, or reach your hand into the cookie jar.

If you are actually hungry: eat!

If you’re actually just bored or craving something for the taste of it, remind yourself that there’s always time to eat that thing later, and you’ll probably even enjoy it more when it is that time!

A common example of this for me is when I catch a glimpse of the homemade goodies my dear momma often mails to me. They’re sitting there in their cute little baked-goods-wrappers on my counter, and I wasn’t even thinking about them until they caught my eye just now!

I very often have to say to myself, “Why don’t you have some of that after dinner instead of at 3pm for no real reason other than because you want it?”

And then, when post-dinner rolls around, I’m not only able to actually sit down and enjoy my treat, I feel way less guilty because I know I haven’t indulged in it 3 times already today.

This fourth and final tip kind of encompasses every previous week’s tip, which is great! A big takeaway here would be to simply practice more intentional, mindful eating rather than eating for the sake of eating.

How would your eating habits— and thus your weight, health, activity level, etc.— change if you were just more present when you were consuming food?

Just a little food for thought (pun most certainly intended.)

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-series… and if you didn’t, well, it’s all over now!
Stay tuned for next week’s post & feel free to reach out at any time with any questions or suggestions for topics!

In health + happiness,