If you haven't seen/read by now, I've been seeking some feedback on the blog in efforts to make it more readable, helpful & impactful for you! 

This week, I'm trying out a brand new formatting & presentation: Wellness Wednesday. 

I've got so many things I want to share & I write for such a diverse audience that I wanted to attempt to put as much useful content out there without junking up your inbox. 


Are you still riding the hard-core cardio train in your weight loss journey? I've got good news & bad news. The bad news is: you're doing it wrong. The good news is: you're doing it wrong

I'm telling you: you don't need to be doing endless, exhausting cardio to lose weight!  That's GREAT news, right?!

If you haven't incorporated any strength training (weights) into your fitness regimen: it's time. When you lift weights, you build muscle, which tends to make many women shy away from the weight racks in fear of getting "bulky."

But what actually happens is the opposite! Weight training is an excellent weight loss tool because more muscle = more fat loss. Muscle is a fat burning tissue, so the more of it you have, the more fat you're able to burn! 

Not sure where to start? I've got a great, app-based strength training programs for beginners and experienced gym-goers looking for a new routine. Video demos, cardio & nutrition guidelines, and detailed program instructions included. Check it out here!




This summer has me roadtrippin' & jetsettin' quite a bit, which means I've been eating in gas stations & airports frequently, something that makes staying on track with my nutrition a little challenging.

I've come up with several "heathy" snacks & secrets for on-the-go nutrition, though. Here are some of my go-to travel tips for staying on your health game:

  • beef jerky (or smoked pork sausage sticks-- delish!)
  • Quest bars/Pure Protein bars (different stores have different brands)
  • light popcorn
  • Coffee, gingerale, or sparkling waters (these help me feel full & keep me busy on long road trips!)
  • dry-roasted Edamame (great protein & tons of different flavors)
  • Prepare! The last trip I took, I packed a couple snack bags of sandwich meat, string cheese & grilled chicken. I put it in a little lunchbox with an ice pack & saved time, money & food stress!
  • Chocolate Rice Cakes (I get made fun of often for eating rice cakes, but when the sweet tooth strikes, these babies are a guilt-free alternative & perfect for traveling!)

Do you have any nutrition hacks for traveling? Let me know!



Mindset & mentality are probably 90% of my health & fitness game. One thing I've been doing lately that has helped keep my mind strong and my body strong is journaling after I go for a morning run/walk. I used to do all of my morning reading, writing & coffee sipping all at once, but my routine is shifting, and so the past few weeks I've been running and then having some quiet time.

The association my brain has made between running + relaxing is really neat. I find myself looking forward to going for a quick jog so I can sift through some thoughts & then sit down and really enjoy some think time. 

Consider adding in some time around your workout/exercise time to just think. It's been a game-changer for me!

How was it?
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