Busting Common Health Myths

Since I became interested in health and fitness (and even before) I believed a number of different myths and fell prey to tons of different sales pitches and girly magazine articles. 

Carbs are bad for you. 

Bananas have too much sugar.

Egg yolks make you fat. 

Skipping meals helps burn fat.

Lifting weights makes you bulky. 

You have to do cardio if you want to lose fat. 

I could keep going, and I'm sure you have your own myths to add to the list (even if you don't yet know that they're myths!)

But the point is, through education and time, I've come so far and transformed so many of my thoughts regarding health and fitness, and I want those same realizations to happen for YOU, too. It's a shame we read something in a magazine or hear about something from a friend, take it for fact and then live under this belief until one day, for some reason or another, we wonder if it's actually true. 

For me, the things I believed were not things I wanted  to be true. I remember thinking that I missed eating scrambled eggs but was afraid to get too comfortable having them for breakfast because I didn't want to gain weight. I used to love peanut butter and bananas, but when I read that bananas were loaded with sugar, I got scared and backed off. 

I believed these things were true, but I wished they weren't. And that was when I decided to do my own research, in hopes to find out the truth and get back to eating things I enjoyed. 

Let me take a second to correct the myths I listed above:

Carbs are bad for you if you are sedentary. If you move at all, and especially if you exercise somewhat regularly, carbs are not just great for you, they're 110% essential for you. 

Bananas have sugar. All fruit has sugar. Some fruits have more sugar than other fruits. 

Egg yolks contain fat. Fat does not make you fat. Fats regulate hormones and provide structure to our cells. They're essential to our survival, and just like with anything else, they're perfectly fine in moderation. 

Skipping meals slows your metabolism. A slow metabolism burns less calories. 

Lifting weights can make you bulky if you try really, really, really hard. And then try harder. Trust me ladies, you're not going to get bulky. 

Cardio aids in fat loss, but muscles burn fat, too. Having more muscle means burning more fat. Cardio is a route but not the route. 


Take time to educate yourself. If you hear or read something funny, check it out and dig around! Remember, too, that everyone's bodies are different. Some people tolerate certain amounts of foods better than others and vice versa. Someone who chooses not to consume egg yolks because of the fats thy contain is not wrong, they might just prefer to get their fats from another source. 

Find what works best for YOU and your preferences. Don't be a victim of ignorance. Take control and bust your own myths!