DIY Workout Program

I get the same string of questions from just about every woman looking to begin a workout routine:

“How many days should I be working out?”

“What should I do on each day?”

“How many times should I do each movement?”

These are all such totally normal + valid questions, but they all kind of depend on each other and are therefore difficult to answer in one sitting.

That’s why I created the “DIY Workout Program” — a one-stop shop that uses templates + exercise lists to answer all of these questions in a concise, clear & individualized way.

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Here’s how it works:

program overview

program overview

sample template for 3 days/week

sample template for 3 days/week

First, decide how many days/week you’re going to workout.

If this week you can make it 3x but next week you can only do 2x, that’s okay! You can interchange templates to fit your schedule. :)

If 3x/week works best for you, find the corresponding templates, then use the exercise lists at the back of the guide to fill in the table with the exercises you choose!

(** The guide explains the “code” of letters (L, B, C, etc. & the numbers represent sets x reps)

The exercise list is broken down by body part & has an accompanying YouTube video demonstration. I love this because it means you can pick exercises you’re comfortable with and also feel like you know how to do them before you even get to the gym!

Here’s what one girl has to say about the guide:

<3  :)

<3 :)

I’m SUPER EXCITED to release this guide because I know how helpful it’s going to be for soooo many people with these same questions and hesitations about the efficacy of their workout routine (or the existence of one at all!)

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