The Easiest, Best Mexican Fish Ever

I accidentally made the best fish ever. 

(but this is not a picture of it, sorry)

(but this is not a picture of it, sorry)

It was an accident because I originally planned to marinate some fish for a few hours and then cook them for dinner, but plans changed and they sat marinating in the fridge overnight. 

A little extra absorption never hurt a tilapia filet, though, right?

Here’s the most stupidly simple recipe ever that literally requires 2 ingredients (besides the fish) and the most minimal prep ever. 

I’m a Winn Dixie gal because #discounts, so I usually buy whatever frozen fish they have as buy one get one, which was tilapia this time. (The only downside to this is that they fudge the “servings per container” part slightly, but hey, it’s a free bag of fish, so I forgive them.) 

After thawing 1 bag of fish (which is about 4 filets), put them in a tupperware and pour about 1/4 c (give or take) of olive oil over them. Basically, you just want them to be “soaking” in something, and since olive oil has healthy fats, I use this instead of vegetable oil, but you do you. 

The last step, I kid you not, is just to douse the filets in this seasoning, that I also found at Winn Dixie because I love fajitas, so this company literally had to do zero marketing to sell this product to me. 

Like I said, I let them sit overnight (and all the next day, oops, sorry not sorry) before I baked them at 425 F for, I dont know, 20 minutes? (I just go check every now and then and make sure they’re not burnt but not raw, either.)

Et voila. 

I wish there was more to say about this, but then again I don’t, because this just proves how easy they were! And delicious, too, no lie. If they didn’t aid in my creation of the best fish tacos ever, I wouldn’t be writing this, because I’m slightly embarrassed to even call this a “recipe,” but here ya go nonetheless. 

Enjoy! And, as always, I’d love to hear how they turned out (or if you one-upped me and made them even better), so shoot me an email, drop a comment, or tag me in some #FoodPorn on insta!