Where Am I Now & How Can You Join Me?


“Fitness” was never really a thing for me until it wasn’t, nah-what-i-mean? I played sports my whole scholastic life (except college... unless we count walking off hangovers around the LSU lakes as a sport), but until I was no longer habitually active, fitness was never really on my radar.

It started blipping up during college, of course, as free cookies from the dining hall starting "blipping" up on my thighs and love handles, but back then, my only real goals were to be “skinny.” It had nothing to do with being "fit."  I had little to no idea of what “healthy” even actually meant (even though I thought I did) and I didn’t really care, as long as I looked good in pictures standing next to my friends. 

me only caring about LOOKING good next to my friends

me only caring about LOOKING good next to my friends


Eventually, as one would imagine, constantly focusing on how I looked got exhausting and flat out depressing, (not to mention having an unrealistic and undefined goal to be "skinny.") I’ll skip the bit about being a sad, self-conscious version of myself and fast forward to the part where I decided not only was I not okay with feeling bad about myself, I wasn’t even okay with getting to a “meh” state of mind. 



This big, huge, beautiful planet with my one, singular, temporary existence, and I was going to settle for feeling "okay" about myself?

I set my sights on not just being comfortable with how I looked, but being full on “hell yeah” about who I was and all that that entailed.

I was tired of this whole thing being just about appearance, and I was convinced that looking good was inextricably tied to feeling good. 

So what did I do?

I informed myself. Slowly but surely, I gained more and more knowledge about what types of workouts to do for specific goals, what foods to eat more of and which ones to eat less of, and I busted dozens of myths that I had held onto for years about health and fitness. 

It was incredibly empowering, and, surprise, IT WORKED. 

me FEELING good next to my friends

me FEELING good next to my friends


From following girls on Instagram and YouTube, to eventually progressing to getting BodyBuilding.com emails sent to my inbox (#FitFam for real), I was learning so much, and my biggest motivation was the fact that I was constantly seeing results. I was getting stronger, leaning out, fitting better in my clothes. I was feeling more energetic, getting more done, craving less candy and cookies (although, I definitely still crave candy and cookies), and walking with a little more pep in my step. 

It was mind-blowing in the most “duh” way ever: it actually worked! Turns out, the things people said about eating right, lifting weights, and staying active was (and still is!)  actually working. 

Keep in mind, this whole journey has been years in the making—not even necessarily years of working out, but years of thought progression, trial and error, hitting walls and making strides. It didn’t happen overnight, and it won’t for you either. 

But, get started! How? Stay tuned for next week’s post: The 6 Dos & Don'ts Of Starting Your Fitness Journey.