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This picture hangs to the left of my sink in my bathroom.

I see it every morning as I brush my teeth.
(Well, on the mornings I remember…)

And it was given to me for (I think) my 16th birthday, likely because my favorite color at the time was green & I liked the store it came from— not because the words meant anything in particular.

It’s been around a while, and I’ve read it a lot.

But one day as I was brushing my teeth or lotioning up after a shower or picking at pimples + blackheads, I read it and a lightbulb went off.

I decided to split this blog from my original, “main” blog, The Line, because I felt like had something else to say that might not resonate with the audience I had gathered at The Line.

“I need a health & fitness blog!” I thought.

But the more I thought & the more I grew & the more I worked with + talked to women, the less I wrote on the blog.

I started to feel guilty about not writing more, but every post felt forced & fake.

I finally realized, I don’t need a health & fitness blog.
you don’t want another health & fitness advice column in your life.

I need to write about the things I care about.
And you want to read about things that matter & directly impact you & your life.


Thus was born deeplySuperficial, the reincarnation of what was once a “health & fitness” blog and is now the home of the things I really want to write about that I think you really want to read about.

There’s a great “fear” of being perceived as “superficial” when one cares about his/her looks “too much.” However, I challenge that notion by positing that because the way we feel about how we look affects how we show up in every area of our lives, it’s actually pretty wise + deep to nurture your relationship with your looks.

Wanting to look good is not superficial.

Caring about your physical body is not superficial.

Body image is the source of so much anxiety, depression, self-consciousness, stagnation & overall “not living large” that I think it’s anything but superficial to want to be confident in your skin.

I’m excited to re-launch this blog & write more frequently and less forcedly here on deeplySuperficial.

I hope you’ll enjoy my words and pull some learnings & lessons from them, and that maybe you’ll share my ideas with people in your life.

Know that you can always reach me directly by just “replying” to this email or by commenting below if you’re reading online.

Happy you’re here, and happy to have a space that feels like “Home” for my writings again.