LIVING: 5 Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes or Less

Raise your hand if you've ever use the "I don't have time," excuse to hit up a drive through or skip a meal entirely. 

It's bogus, and we need to put it aside and say what we mean:

  • I didn't set aside the time to prepare something
  • I don't know what quick, healthy options are available to me
  • I just wanted Canes, end of story. 

I get it. Time is limited, but it's not like I sit around grilling vegetables and making homemade turkey burgers every night. No one has any more time than the next person! The difference is only in how we use it. I choose to spend roughly 2 hours per week cooking healthy foods that I genuinely enjoy so that each day at meal time, it takes only microwave minutes to make something awesome. 

If you're interested in meal prepping, check out this post from a few months back on my meal prep tips and tricks.

If you're still not ready to hop on the train or just want some quick meals when you get in a bind, here are my go to's:

1. Egg whites + oatmeal

I'm a fan of this for breakfast mostly, but it can totally work as a lunch or dinner option! Egg whites take maximum 10 minutes to cook and oats take me a perfect 1 minute and 3 seconds in the microwave. We've got carbs, we've got protein, we'll get fats later in the day. 

2. Rotisserie chicken w/ steamable veggie bags + microwavable rice

Buy a rotisserie chicken and peel off your chicken as needed. You can buy just about any variety of veggies (seasoned or plain) on just about any frozen food aisle, and apparently microwavable rice bags are a thing now, too. Bam. 

3. Sandwiches

(Should I even include this?) Pro tips on healthy sandwiches: watch your bread choice, don't skimp on the meat, and try to add in a green (sprouts, spinach, lettuce, etc.) if you can!

4. Salad bags + deli meat/rotisserie chicken

Just about every grocery store has those pre-made salad kits now, right? Grab one of those, a pack of deli meat or a rotisseries chicken for some protein, and voila. Be careful on dressing if it's creamy or you're watching your fat intake!

5. Proatmeal.

Yep, you read that right. Protein + oatmeal = proatmeal. This is my super bro-y, delicious, easy and quick/lazy meal. I also use this as post workout or dessert. Make a regular bowl of oatmeal, and while that's cooking, mix protein powder with way less water than usual to make a "paste" of peanut butter consistency. (I mix about 1/2 scoop of Quest Peanut Butter protein w/ 2 T cocoa powder... #Reeses) When the oats are done, mix in your protein paste and a little maple syrup if you got that sweet tooth problem I have and BAM. You have a great source of carbs and protein that will 100% keep you full and satisfied! 

Quick post for some quick meals!

Bon appetit!