LIVING: The Unstuck Workbook

The Unstuck Workbook is my first ever, and therefore super brand new, e-book that I'm excited to release real soon!

You (hopefully) got an email about it recently, but I wanted to use this week's post as an opportunity to tell you a little bit of the backstory behind what the workbook is.

I've been working on it actively for the past few months, but really, it's one of those things that's been in progress for probably a couple years or so, because it's truly a collection of experiences and pieces of knowledge I've gained through going through many of the things the workbook addresses, namely that feeling of being "stuck."

Do you ever feel like you're just on autopilot? Life is stuck on repeat and you're just going through the motions? Maybe you're there now in some aspects of your life. When's the last time you sat down and actually thought about why you do what you do?

For me, I did this once long ago and never wanted to do it again because I realized I didn't know why I was doing so many things! It sucks to feel like your life is meaningless and void of purpose. It feels like you're just checking off boxes that someone else put in front of you. 


I've been there, and I bet you have too (and many people you know) and that's exactly how The Unstuck Workbook was born. It's truly a workbook, too. It's full of quick readings followed by exercises, questions and activities to really pull you out of that "stuck" place, because it's not enough to just read about it-- you've got to actively get involved in changing your life and your mentality. 

I'm so excited for you to explore it and share it with people you know who might benefit from it! I keep going back and re-working the exercises and re-visting the questions myself (seriously) because they're such good guides and always bring me back to a focused, purposeful place of work and life. 

an excerpt from one of The Unstuck Workbook chapters

an excerpt from one of The Unstuck Workbook chapters

I put together a free, downloadable info packet that has both the front & back covers, the table of contents, a brief overview of the sections and little FAQ page. Download that here & please feel free to shoot me an email with any further questions!

I will most definitely keep you posted on the official release, but until then, I highly recommend the free info guide to get a better idea of exactly what The Unstuck Workbook is all about. 

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear from you!