My Secret Recipes + Macros & Calories

I once heard a guy in a podcast say, “Basically, if it tastes good, it’s bad for you,” and I wanted to scream. 

This is SO not true, but it’s unfortunately the way so many of us think in regards to healthy eating, and it’s detrimental to not only our physical progression, but our mindset towards health and fitness. 

Today, I’m sharing 4 of my secret, healthy AND yummy recipes with a FULL BREAKDOWN of the macronutrients and calories for each one.

These are things I discovered through experimenting in the kitchen, trying to find ways to make healthy things not just palatable, but truly enjoyable, in order to turn that “healthy food tastes bad” mentality upside down.  

They’re simple and delicious, and I hope they spark your own ideas on how to make healthy foods taste GOOD, because is so possible and probably much easier than you think!


1. Greek Yogurt— A High Protein, Guilt Free Sweet Treat

Oh, greek yogurt: you trendy, cultured yogurt, you. I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now: Greek yogurt is packed with protein and essential vitamins and nutrients, making it a great addition to our diets, BUT, if you’ve ever set out to buy it, you might have encountered some of the problems many of us have: the plain kind is too sour, but the sweetened kind is full of sugar, which is one of the reasons we switched from traditional yogurt to Greek in the first place. 

    So are we doomed to sacrifice taste for health benefits, or can’t we all get along?

    HERE IS MY HACK: Interestingly enough (or maybe not if you’ve already discovered this & I’m super behind the times), I like to add a little Walden Farms calorie free syrup to a cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, and mix in fruit sometimes, too!

    Here’s the breakdown:
 1 cup Great Value Plain Non-Fat Greek yogurt + Walden Farms Syrup (to taste, but about 1 T or so)
Cals: 130  /  Fat: 0g  /  Carbs: 9g  /  Protein: 23g


2. Sweet, Sweet Potatoes— Vitamin K & The Perfect Complex Carbs

    Sweet potatoes aren’t just for Thanksgiving y’all! These versatile little spuds have been both a savory side dish and a sweet finishing touch to a meal for me. My secret: nutmeg & cinnamon. 

    With the oven on 400 and few holes jabbed in your taters with a fork, wrap them up in foil and put them in the oven until they’re soft to the touch— about 45 minutes to an hour. If you did it right, they should open right up with a little pressure from a fork or knife. 

    Here’s the breakdown: 
100g of sweet potato (w/ skin) + a dash of allspice + a sprinkle of cinnamon
Cals: 90  /  Fat: 0g  /  Carbs: 20g  /  Protein: 2g


3. Veggie Stir Fry 2 Ways— Get Your Greens in 5 Minutes or Less

    Like the entire point of this post says— I’m all about taste when it comes to my food. In fact, most of the times when I think about eating, I have to ask myself if I’m hungry or just want to taste something! When I’m looking for an exciting, delicious and super easy side, I take either broccoli slaw or a pre-cut blend of veggies* sold at Walmart (and definitely elsewhere) called “super blend” and drop it in the skillet with one of two sauces: peanut sauce (check for sugar content!!) or spicy chipotle mayo (I use Walden Farms for this, too.)

    Literally all I do is dump about a cup to a cup and a half of either veggie mix (or a little of both!) into a pammed skillet over medium heat, add about 2 T of whatever sauce I’m feeling, and stir it up ’til the veggies are just slightly browned. Salt, pepper, garlic, soy sauce to taste & voilà. 

    Here’s the breakdown:
1 Cup Marketside Broccoli Slaw + 2T Bangkok Peanut Sauce by House of Tsang
Cals: 95  /  Fat: 5g  /  Carbs: 14g  /  Protein: 3g  

    (similar macros ((but less!)) for the super blend and calorie free Walden Farms Chipotle Mayo)

*Super blend = brussel sprouts, napa cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots & kale

4. Reese’s Protein Shake— For Your Post-Dinner Sweet Tooth (or, whenever…)

     I have a terrible sweet tooth (thanks, Mom) so any way I can work chocolate or treats into my diet without working my way out of my jeans, I’m going to. This protein shake is 3 ingredients and full of good stuff for muscle growth and recovery, and it also takes great care of that sweet tooth without leaving me feeling guilty for one-too many Reese’s cups…

    You’ll need a chocolate protein. (The one I currently have it Elite Whey protein by Dymatize, and it’s the chocolate cake batter flavor, which is more like brownies than cake but no complaints here) and the peanut butter portion comes from Jif’s Peanut Butter powder which is EXCELLENT as a flavor enhancer, (but not so excellent as just a regular PB spread.) You can mix the protein & PB powder with unsweetened vanilla almond milk for a creamy taste and texture, or just use water and I swear it still tastes good. (Cashew milk is also suuuuper creamy and really great nutrition-wise, so that’s an option, too.)

    Here’s the breakdown for the way I make it:
 1 scoop Dymatize Chocolate Cake Batter Protein + 3T Jif Peanut Butter Powder + 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Cals: 240  /  Fat: 6g  /  Carbs: 8g  /  Protein: 34

(and just because it’s that delicious you won’t believe it: 3 GRAMS OF SUGAR!)


There you have it, and now I’m starving. Feel free to cook one (or all!) of these bad boys up and let me know what you think! Tag me on instagram, share this post with a friend, or drop a comment and tell me which one was your favorite!

Bon appetit!