Practical Tips for Eating Less: Pt 1- Boredom Eating

*Prefacing this series by saying “less” is not ALWAYS better. MANY, MANY people are actually not eating ENOUGH, which I’ll be sure to cover in a later post, however OVER-EATING is an equally ubiquitous issue and often a more difficult problem to address.*

The top reasons (in order) many of my clients give for over-eating, excessive/un-managed snacking, or otherwise over-indulging are:

  1. Boredom

  2. Stress/Other Emotions

  3. Mindless eating

  4. Hunger

—> They’re bored, so they reach for food or go out & pick up a “treat” as a means of entertainment.

—> They’re stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, etc and turn to food as comfort.

—> They don’t even notice how much they’re consuming.

—> They feel genuinely hungry.


(My hand is totally up, for the record.)

These things are totally real and also totally manageable, which is why I want to spend the next 4 posts talking about each one of these individually.

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As the series continues, share with me what makes you go, “Yaaaas!” or “Ooooh, that’s a good point.”
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Practical Tips for Eating Less
Part 1- Boredom Eating

This week: we’re talking about boredom eating. We all struggle with it, and we rub against it all too often, so I wanted to tackle this one first. Here’s my go-to tip for dealing with boredom eating (besides just, you know, staying busy….)

The 20-Minute Trick

I totally fall into that “I’m-bored-and-M&Ms-will-entertain-me” trap, especially on the weekends when my time is less structured and I have less of a schedule to stick to. I know you can relate! One thing I like to do is what I call “The 20-Minute Trick,” based on my own trials and theorizing.

When I get super bored and start mentally scanning my fridge/pantry, I immediately think of something to do for at least 20 minutes and then reassess from there.

I find that the more I think about what I want to eat/snack on, the more I crave it, whereas if I distract myself, the craving tends to dissipate (and my never-ending to-do list actually gets shorter…

If you’re not bored enough to do that one thing you’ve been putting off for weeks, you’re probably not actually hungry. You’re just avoiding that thing.

So go clean out your dresser drawers, go pay those bills, go sweep the porch, or go do something you want to do, like read, draw or start a new Netflix series.

The key here is to do SOMETHING for 20 minutes, and generally, that something will flow into something else.

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Next up: stress-eating/emotional eating.

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