Quit Taking Your Car To The Shop.

You know what sucks? 

Car problems.

What does that error code mean? Why is your check engine light on? Can you drive like that? What’s that weird noise and where’s it coming from?

Car troubles are frustrating, not just because of the inconveniences they cause, but because of the lack of control we have & the necessity we face in getting the issues resolved.

The most frustrating part about car problems is the total and complete lack of knowledge most of us have about what’s going on.

You don’t understand what’s happening, why it’s happening or how to fix it, because you’re just a person with a car. You’re not like, a mechanic or something. Your attempts to fix whatever problem is occurring are about as futile as my dad trying to coordinate an outfit or me trying to set up a new internet router (what?) Fashion is not my dad’s area of expertise, and computer things are not mine either. I don’t have a clue how WiFi works just like my dad has no clue those sandals don’t go with those pants.

And here’s the thing:


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.38.10 PM.png

Why are we blindly attempting to improve our bodies and make changes to our lifestyles, without actually understanding how it all works? It’s not like it’s a guessing game for everyone. There is someone out there who gets it. Why not use them?

Just like when your car needs a repair, you don’t just take a shot in the dark and try to fix it. You bring it in to the shop, because there is someone out there who understands perfectly that thing that you don’t understand. 

The same is true for your body. 

If your personal “check engine” light is on, quit just throwing stuff against the wall and hoping it sticks. Your health is too important to just “hope” that something you try will work one day. 

It's time to get in control. Either do the work it takes to understand yourself and your body, or be willing to accept the fact that you’re essentially putting a band-aid on a problem that’s likely to resurface again soon.

Once you learn how it all works, though— how your body operates, what it does with what you put in it, how it burns fuel and what it takes to thrive— you’re your own mechanic. You don’t need to take your car in to the shop over and over again every time a light comes on, because you get it. You understand how it works, and you know what to tweak, which wires to pull and which parts to replace.


This is exactly what I do as a health and lifestyle coach, because I think everyone can and should understand what it takes to live a life they love in a body they love, too. I could be another mechanic-shop-style coach. I could listen to your chief complaints, let you describe the noise to me and show me the lights that are on that aren’t normally there, and I could say, “Yep, this is what’s going on. Here’s a 6 week workout plan & some general nutrition guidelines. Good luck!” 

But I don’t.

Instead, I say, “I’ve seen this before. It sucks, but it's fixable. Let’s figure out how we can fix it together, so that the next time it happens (or something similar arises) you know what to do.”

And then I show you what’s going on, why it’s probably happening, and what steps to take to get from A to B. It’s scaffolded teaching. That’s the kind of coaching I do (& it's no coincidence that's also the kind of teaching I did as a 5th grade teacher.)

If you or someone you know wants to end the mechanic shop dependency and actually learn how their car (body) works, you know where I am.

Shoot me an email to get started making changes today!