Stop Doing This Now If You Want To Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, make strength gains, or just get healthier and feel better, the journeys we go on to make changes and improvements to our bodies can be pretty stormy. 

It’s almost impossible not to be results-focused, and many of us give up too soon because we don’t feel or see the results as soon as we want. We get discouraged and lose motivation, grabbing the loose skin around our bellies and turning to the side in the mirror to look at our cellulite, thinking, “I’m not even close to where I want to be. What’s the point? To heck with this diet and workout stuff!”


But I read an article the other day that really hit home on so many self-improvement and personal journey fronts. Here’s the entire article if you care to read it, and if you don’t, then stay here, because I’m coming at you today with the biggest takeaways in terms of your own tumultuous health journey. 

If you want to reach your goals (don’t we all?) you need to STOP living in “the gap” and start living in “the gain.” 

“The gap” is the mentality most of us (myself included) are guilty of living in, and it’s exactly where we are when we look in the mirror or step on the scale and think, “Damn, why am I here and not there?”

We’ve created a gap— a gap between where we are now and where we want to be. That gap is painful AF, and sometimes it’s a tool for motivation, but other times, it’s an anchor (or worse, a backwards pull.)

When you live in “the gap,” you holding your present self up to your future yourself, and you feel discouraged, unmotivated, disappointed, & straight up bummed out. 

Sounds like a great place to be to see progress towards your goals, right?


“The gain” by contrast, is the mentality you’re in when you put on that pair of pants that used to be tight and you think, “Holy sh*t I did it! These babies were a second skin 6 weeks ago!” (vs. sure these are loose, but I'm still not a size ___.")

It’s where you’re at when you hold your present self up to your past self and can see all the miles you’ve come and distance you’ve covered. “The gain” is the mentality of confidence, invigoration, motivation & ignition towards your goals.

That’s where you need to be if you want to reach your goals. 

Contrary to popular belief & practice, it does you absolutely no good to constantly think about where you are not. It serves you negatively to always be comparing today to tomorrow. Instead, compare today to yesterday, and always be striving to be just a little better than yesterday, not get a little closer to tomorrow. 

STOP living in “the gap” and start living in “the gain” mentality.

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