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Why We Do It: The Real Reasons Fitness Matters

Fitness is much deeper than those things. We do it for much greater reasons than we can see.

We do it to learn discipline, to set a goal and reach it, to learn how to prioritize, to tell ourselves, "I care about you," to prove to our hearts there's more to life than thigh gaps and flat stomachs, to focus on the process over instant gratification, to understand what we're made of.

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FIVE Tips & Tricks To Becoming A Runner

Running, for whatever reason, is one of those things you just want to like but can’t seem to get into, like wheat grass shots or straight up espresso. I want to love you, but I’m just not quite there… If you’ve felt that way about running, read on, friend! I’ve got FIVE tips to help you become the runner you’ve always (or never?) wanted to be.

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