This is NOT about body image.


“My body image is not affecting me.”
“This has nothing to do with my confidence.”
“This is not about whether or not I like my body.”
“I don’t care about how I look. That’s irrelevant to me.”

Look, I get how far-fetched it seems to approach dissatisfaction in your life from the “maybe-you-have-poor-body-image/low-confidence” perspective.

It seems disconnected, I know.

And it’s true, the connection is not always:
”I have poor body image, therefore my life/job/relationship/mood/outlook is suffering.”

Poor body image and low-confidence aren’t always the cause,

but they’re always impactful.

It’s like, poor sleep might not be the cause of anxiety, but sleeping better is 100% going to improve your anxiety.

Back in about 2015 when I was just kind of feeling stuck, unhappy and “meh” about my life & its trajectory, body image & confidence were no where on my mind.

If you would have been like, “How do you feel about your body?” or “Do you feel healthy?” I would have been like "What the hell does that have to do with anything? I feel like I messed up. What does my body have to do with this…?”

But the thing is, when we improve our body image, when we get to a place where we genuinely LIKE our bodies and feel confident in ourselves, everything changes.

Even if that didn’t feel like the root cause, somehow, the root cause gets addressed along the way or as a result when we prioritize our opinion of ourselves.

It might not be about body image,
but body image is always impactful.