Time Management Tips, A Freebie & Healthy Mindset Routines



I posted this little infographic on Instagram this week and wanted to share it with you here, too, because it's just too. real. 

I've heard it (and said it myself!) a million times: "I don't have time to workout though! I don't have time to cook! I'm too busy for all this health stuff!"

I get it. 100%. I'm not saying you're not busy, but I am saying if you really want it, you'll find time for it. You'll MAKE time for it. These are 5 things I do to keep my health a priority! 

1. Taking 30 minutes (max!) to jot down some meal ideas for the week saves you stress when it's time to decide what to eat and it helps you grocery shop! I have a note in my phone that says: 

and I write down my basic plan for each, while also anticipating a couple nights of eating out, too. 

2. Go to the gym with your routine pre-planned. Even if it's just cardio and abs, having something written down keeps you a) accountable and b) on time. If time is genuinely an issue, don't waste it deciding what to do. Write down your workout before you get in the gym and get it done!

3. I *always* make sure I'm ready for tomorrow the night before. This means filling up my water jug, putting a workout shirt in my bag, making any snacks for work, or even writing my morning reminders down (make smoothie, grab granola bar, etc.) This is great for both mental AND physical preparedness. 

4. I used to do this when I was teaching, and it worked so well for me! Literally entering an appointment into your calendar app or even setting an alarm for your workout helps you make sure you have time for it and that you'll show up!

5. This one is probably my favorite time-management strategy. How can you "gift" yourself an extra hour in the day? Can you wake up earlier? Go to bed later? Make your lunch instead of go out to eat? Skip Netflix a few times a week? If you truly want to, you can find a full extra hour in your day, which is PLENTY enough time to get a workout in or cook a nice, healthy meal!



Have you seen my new all-in-one guide to macros?! It's a free downloadable PDF with everything you need to know about ending "dieting" for good and truly learning to eat for your goals. 

Everything in here is a combination of stuff I've learned through the years and still use today to stay fueled for my workouts while still maintaining a body I love. 

This is about understanding how food works and how you can manipulate it for the exact goals you have for yourself! Check it out below! It's totally free and easy to access right away!



I recently re-structured my morning routine & "self-reflection" time and it's been great. I have always prioritized as much time as the day will allow me to devote to some sort of private, focused, journaling or reading time because I think this is 100% essential to not only the success of our day, but our entire relationship with ourself.

But even knowing this, morning/evening routines can be hard to set up. Here are 4 things I've been doing lately that I encourage you to try and see what changes you notice in your life! 

The key to each of these things, though, is to be present & purposeful in each. You can't just go through the motions and check it off the list. Take it seriously and really absorb what you're doing and see what happens! 


Write down:

  • 3 things you're thankful for
  • 3 intentions for the day
  • 3 affirmations

What do these look like in action?
I write about being thankful for the ability to make my coffee and wake up peacefully, my friends & family, my health, rainy days that make me feel cozy at work.
My intentions vary from things like "to be present" to "to make my clients smile." 
Affirmations are basically positive statements like "I'm exactly where I need to be!" "Today is a good day." "I'm proud of my work."


At the end of every day, I try to spend 1-5 minutes reflecting on that day. I write "TTWW" at the top of my notebook page, which stands for "things that went well," and I write down the things that made me happy that day, something I'm proud of, or just general things that went well.
"I made my client smile." "Michael and I got to have dinner together." "I cleaned my car out."

I'm finding myself being overall more positive, present and peaceful, which were, ironically, my original 3 intentions when I started these habits a few weeks ago. 

Let me know what you think and if you plan on starting any of these habits in a response to this email!

1-Minute Rundown

Doing: If you struggle with finding time to fit in healthy habits like working out or cooking better meals, try these 5 things to help you manage your time!

Eating: Have you seen my FREE guide to END DIETING FOREVER?! Check out this link for an amazing free resource I put together just for you.

Thinking: I recently started doing these 4 things every day and it's changed sooooo much about my attitude and approach: intentions, gratitudes, affirmations and "TTWW" (things that went well.) Give them a try and see what mental shifts you make!