What's your ONE question?

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I posted last week about why we need to STOP negotiating with ourselves.

When it comes to our health + body image, so many of us women are guilty of being wishy-washy, half-committed, only in it until it gets “too hard” or inconvenient.

I totally get that, because I’m the same way. 

It’s one reason I wanted to do something as “extreme” as the Whole30 this month.
(curiosity about food intolerances is also a strong motivator)

Us women are typically very “emotional” decision makers.

When we feel good about ourselves,
we have that piece of chocolate,
order that second drink,
allow ourselves to skip that workout. 

But when we feel bad about ourselves,
every carb is the enemy,
every calorie counts,
and we’ll run ’til we’re weak if that’s what it takes to “feel” better about ourselves.

(I’m this same way with money. What’s in my account doesn’t change day to day, yet some days I “feel” like I’m allowed to spend more than others... go figure.)

This “feeling-based” decision making is exactly why we need to stop the negotiating and quit allowing ourselves to be in one day and out the next. 

The truth is: if you truly want something for yourself— and you’re clear on e x a c t l y WHAT you want & why (this is important!)— there will be no gray areas, fuzzy lines or exceptions when it comes to doing what it takes to get it. 

Sounds pretty harsh + militant, I know, which is so not like me, but after just a single week of Whole30-ing, I’m actually thriving in the black & whiteness of it.

There’s no wondering whether or not you “can” eat something. 

It’s a yes. 

Or it’s a no. 

It’s not an “in-moderation,” or “only if you ____.”

It’s a yes.

Or it’s a no. 

I loved this article about a sailing team who wanted to win the Olympics.

Here is an excerpt from that article.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 5.39.59 PM.png

You and I can use this same strategy with whatever goals we have for ourselves! 

For me with the Whole30, every food choice filters through “Is this Whole30 compliant?”

If it’s a yes, I’m good to go.

If it’s a no, I leave it alone. 

Simple as that.

I think for us feely, emotional, intuitive, easily in-then-out women, we need this level of clarity & non-negotiabiilty. 

Whether your goal is to look leaner, crank out a body-weight pull-up, move down a couple sizes, wake up earlier— you can create ONE question to filter every choice through:

Will this help me do a pull up?

Will this make me wake up earlier?

Will this inch me closer to my goal?

I’d love to hear your ONE question and share our responses later this week on my Instagram.
(I’ll keep them anonymous!)
Press “reply” to this email (or comment below if you’re reading online)
and let me know what your ONE question is!