Why Am I Doing This? Why Should You Care?

                                         me in my classroom as a 5th grade teacher in 2016

If you would have told me 5 years ago—hell, even one year ago— that I’d be a fitness enthusiast and blogger today, I would have thought you were on something. This whole thing seems so out of the blue and unexpected, even for me, which explains the initial self-consciousness and fear I felt (and still feel) when I think about putting this type of content out into the world next to my art, personal blog & teenage girl mentor groups. 

I mean, who do I think I am? Does doing this mean I think I'm an expert? Does putting this content out mean I believe I'm the picture of health?

Not at all.  I believe I am healthy, yes. I believe I make the gym a priority, yes, and it's true that I enjoy eating weird things like chia seed pudding and an obnoxious amount of egg whites. 

But it's more than that.

The mindset and attitude I have developed from my time in the gym is the foundation for so many of my other pursuits. The habits I've formed, discipline I've developed, and strength (mental and physical) I've acquired from running, lifting, and learning about what I eat have all contributed heavily to who and how I am.

For me, there is no separating it: who I became in the gym has made me who I am outside of the gym.  

Initially, I was embarrassed, self-conscious, and hesitant about launching this type of content, not just for fear of what other people would say, but because I did not want to create another place for women and girls to compare their bodies to others' or another online place for girls to feel bad about themselves.

But the more I thought about it, the more my fears and worries drove me, because it's these fears that I want to eradicate. It's these very worries about "What will people say?" "How do my legs look?" "Does my stomach look flat enough for this dress?" that I want to expel through education, inspiration, and a positive platform. 

My intentions for this blog and all if its extensions, besides sharing recipes and workouts, are heavily rooted in the mental aspect of fitness, because that’s where I have been transformed the most, and that's what we need to be teaching young girls and modeling for our daughters and doing for ourselves.

© 2017 Emily Jordan

© 2017 Emily Jordan

I realize a sexy "before and after", "flab-to-abs" transformation would get more likes, more comments, more attention -- and I'm not vowing to never present that side of fitness-- however, I think we need to talk about health and fitness instead of continuing to look at pictures of what we think is health and fitness. 

We need to educate ourselves, respect ourselves, and get to a place of peace with our bodies and habits instead of spending a lifetime tearing ourselves down, looking at other body types as "goals," and working out with the mindset that one day we will like ourselves. 

What a terrible way to live. 

For me, fitness has restored a respect for my mind and body that I lost in all those times I spent analyzing my thighs and stomach, vowing to go on a diet and lose weight so I wouldn't have to feel that dressing-room-catastrophe feeling again; all those minutes I wasted comparing my physique to another girl’s—even my own sisters’; all those times I wished I looked differently than I did.

Every female has had a moment (or a thousand) like that, and that’s where I want to intervene: in that moment. Whatever that moment is for you (and whether you're a girl or a boy or a tree), that’s where I want to start. Because, yeah, even a tree doesn't deserve to feel inadequate for who it is. 

That’s where I want to go, because that’s where my transformation began.

Like I said, I'm not sharing some drastic “flab-to-abs” photo-worthy transformation, because most of what has changed for me has been my mind, which has felt better than any muscle pump or dropped jean size I’ve experienced. To have realized my own potential (and not in an arrogant sense but in a “hell yeah” sense) has grown me infinitely from the woman I was 5 years ago— or even 1 year ago— which is why I would have thought you were literally high if you suggested to me then I’d be the person I am today. 

But that’s why I’m excited.

That’s why I’m doing this.

I'm not doing this to put the spotlight on me. I'm doing this to give you permission and access to the tools you need to put that spotlight on yourself. I'm not doing this to say, “I did it, look at me." I'm doing this to say, “I’m still doing it, and I want to help you do it too.” 

I want to share as much as I know and everything I’m still discovering with you here on this blog (and on all its future accompanying features),  not because I think I have all the answers, and not because you asked me, but because I want to, because I believe in this stuff, and I believe in doing my part to be my best self and to help others do the same.  

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