Why We Do It: The Real Reasons Fitness Matters


Maybe you joined the gym to shed a few pounds and get back into those jeans from a couple years back.

You started jogging to lose the love handles or biking to feel confident in shorts again.

Maybe you're in your living room doing workout videos to feel better about your weekend indulgences, spending hours on the elliptical to get ready for a wedding, or carefully logging your meals to see the number on the scale drop.

We've all got our reasons, and yet so many of them, albeit worded differently, are pretty similar. 

And pretty shallow.


If you've started over a million and one times, sworn silently that this time will be different, promised yourself you'd try harder and stick to your resolutions, all to end up right where you started (or slightly to the left and more depressed)- I feel you. 

Losing weight, fitting into old clothes, looking great for an event, mentally soothing wounds of overindulging: these are all perfectly great surface-level reasons to tell yourself fitness is a priority for you. 

But they aren't real, lasting reasons.

They aren't reasons that are going to stand up through the emotions that make us eat, the excuses to skip the gym, the social outings that pull us off track. They're shallow reasons, and they aren't really why we do it.

Fitness is much deeper than those things. We do it for much greater reasons than we can see.

We do it to learn discipline, to set a goal and reach it, to learn how to prioritize, to tell ourselves, "I care about you," to prove to our hearts there's more to life than thigh gaps and flat stomachs, to focus on the process over instant gratification, to understand what we're made of.

If you're in the gym, sweating it out in your living room, forcing yourself around the block or dreading another spin class-- STOP.  

Focus on the real reasons why you're doing it, because once you know the real reasons, once you put the shallow reasons to the side, you will no longer see fitness as a chore.  You will no longer be forcing yourself to get up and go. You will understand something much deeper than fitting into a dress will ever be able to teach you.

And when you do, I will be so, so happy for you. 

Keep going.