You Can't $h!t Talk Yourself to Confidence

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Everything, my friends.


Do you see this cycle?

It starts and ends with the same thing: negative self-talk.

And when you follow the arrows to the bottom, you might as well just jump right back to the top & choose your path because this is a pattern— a habit, a mindset— that just perpetuates itself.

No positive, sustainable change can be made in your life if it begins with shit-talking yourself.

You will never hate yourself to confidence.
You will never shame yourself to pride in the life you lead.
You will never guilt your way to wherever it is you want to be.


Negative self-talk only leads to more negative self-talk.

Because when you start with “I suck,” “I’m so bad at _____,” “I’m so lazy,” your life reflects those beliefs.

If you think you suck, you’re probably not going to try not to suck.
If you think you’re bad at _____, why would you want to go out and do it?
If you think you’re lazy, you will look for examples in your life to confirm this.

It all feeds itself.

If you want to make a change— any change— start with the way you talk to yourself.

In the mirror, in your head, in the middle of a task, when you’re surrounded by your peers…

Change that conversation. Break the cycle. And let me know what happens.