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Girl Talk


Girl Talk is a small group for middle school girls that began as a way to guide some of my former students through the struggles of young womanhood. Through weekly meetings involving small group discussions, crafts, and personal writing prompts, the girls learn how to navigate their own personal challenges, while also exploring different perspectives on the similar issues they face.

In leading the groups, I act simply as a guide. I ask questions that make the girls think, as well as understand that it's not about erasing problems but about developing ways to handle problems as they arise.



  • 6 weekly meetings for an hour and 15 minutes

  • different topic each meeting

    • topics include: social media, body image, bullying, more-than-friend relationships, friendships, body changes & family + responsibilities

    • parents may request specific topics as well

  • maximum 10 girls/session

Growth & Learning

Each girl will experience personal growth & learn to know, love + respect herself and her peers through:

  • A sense of community and trust

  • A shared understanding of privacy

  • Encouragement to focus on introspection

  • An opportunity to be heard

  • NEw relationships and friendships

  • Positive emotional and mental development


For Parents

Parents, thank you for your interest in Girl Talk! Through these relaxed and comfortable small-group meetings for middle school girls, your daughters will grow in confidence and understanding of themselves and the world while also fostering new friendships.


Register Your Daughter

If you’d like to register your daughter, you can do so here.

Discussion Prompts

Feel free to reach out to me with suggestions for discussion prompts (or topics you'd rather we not discuss).

hear from other girl talk participants

My daughters attended Emily Jordan’s girls groups during a pivotal time in their childhood. We have always encouraged kindness with our daughters. Emily’s sessions reinforced that message. My daughters were encouraged to value themselves and others in a positive environment. As a society, we bombard kids with judgement and shallow ideals. I want my daughters to be strong and resourceful adults in a world that can be negative and harsh. I think Emily’s lessons reinforce that message. I highly recommend her groups for any kid who is looking for a positive message.
— Abbey S. -6th grade mom
My daughter had the good fortune to have had Ms. Jordan as both a classroom teacher and as a personal mentor in the earliest version of Girl Talk. Alice was able to connect with her peers while being guided through honest, frank, powerful discussions regarding challenges facing young female teens. For a parent who worries about the gamut of issues facing a preteen, Ms. Jordan’s input was valued by the girls as the “cool grownup” that could both chat and advise. The girls not only valued and loved being with her, but they grew to count on each other as powerful support systems as well. I wish Girl Talk had been around for me!
— Julie H. - 6th grade mom
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