5 Tips To Finding Motivation that LASTS

If you’re serious about making some life changes, you’re gunna need a serious reason (or a few) to make this last, because this is bigger than appearance: it’s about your spirit and your mind, and so it’s worth doing a little thinking and getting a little raw and uncomfortable with yourself.

Follow these 5 tips to find your ultimate motivation, and keep it. 


1. Get real with yourself.

Stop skimming the surface of things you know go deeper but are afraid to address. Instead of saying, “I just want to be skinny,” ask yourself why. If all you can come up with is that you want to look good, you need to dig deeper, because looking good or being “skinny” does not address the real issues you might be having with yourself. You need to ask yourself why you really want this, and you need to answer honestly. The more real and honest you are willing to be with yourself, the more likely you are to stay motivated and stick it out during times of temptation. If your answer to the question, "Why are you doing this?" doesn't inspire & motivate you, keep digging. 

2. Get outside of your body.

Quit putting all your ideas of health and fitness in a physical category and start to see this as a mental journey. Instead of making this all about improving your physical body, incorporate mental aspects into these changes, too. Do you want to be more productive? Positive? Improve your relationship(s)? Do you want to start taking more initiative or being more accountable? All of these non-physical things are learned in the gym, on the trails, through sweat and showing up consistently to push yourself. I know it, because it happened to me. That’s what this whole thing is about. Make mental goals. Get out of your body and into your mind, and find motivating reasons there. 

3. Focus on what to DO instead of what NOT to do.

Often, we set goals in a negative fashion like, “Don’t skip a Monday workout,”  or “Don’t eat chocolate during the week.” Instead of trying to develop new habits through avoidance of behaviors, set positively stated goals that encourage an action. For example, say things like, "Go one extra rep/second," "Learn one new exercise a week," or "Journal after every workout."  

Setting out to do something rather than not do something is much more motivating and encouraging, and it sets you up with a positive mindset that's ready to take action rather than one that's focused on avoiding a certain behavior. 

4. Find progress everyday. 

You will not see physical changes on a day-to-day basis, or even on a week-to-week basis perhaps, and this is why so many people quit so soon after starting, but there are so many other ways to see progress! Everyday, focus on how you're better than you were yesterday.

Big changes are just combinations of little changes, and little changes are happening every. single. day. 

Find them, and use them as motivation to keep gettin' after it. 

Did you say "no" to something you used to say "yes" to? Did you run further than usual? Did you feel less tired than normal? Did you smile more than yesterday? Did you feel more confident? Progress is everywhere. You just have to be looking for it.

5. Stop. settling. for. mediocrity.

(My all time fave, hence the dramatic periods.)

We constantly stay in this place of feeling "fine," "good enough," or "comfortable,"  and that’s sad to the say the least. This big, magnificent life with all the opportunities and potential for change, yet we’re just okay with being “fine?”

What about proud? What about “hell yeah?” What about real self-love? It’s not about getting to a place where you don't want to change a single thing and never feel insecure again. It’s about mentally getting to a place where you stop accepting mediocrity in all parts of your life, including your health.

So stop. Today. Decide right now that you’re done with mediocrity. You shouldn’t be fine with being fine. Be great. Be the best you you can be. Nothing less. 



A strong sense of motivation is necessary if you want this to last. When the storms come, only a house with a solid foundation is going to remain standing when it's over.  Once you establish that solid foundation for yourself, you can build a house that's going to withstand any storm or trial that comes your way, but only if you've got the motivation for it to rest on. 

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