LIVING: The Free App That Will Change The Way You Workout

I've written before about HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio and the fat-burning benefits of interval training in general, and not only do I continue to do HIIT in my own workouts, but I'm using it with almost every single one of my current personal training clients and it's been awesome. 

Seriously, interval training has changed the way I sweat, feel & perform in the gym. It's changed my rate of fat-loss & toning, and it's even changed the way my clients view cardio, too. 

I recently discovered a free app that I've used both in training and in my own workouts, and it's so easy & effective that I don't know how I haven't told you about it sooner! So, I'm telling you about it today and also giving you a little FREE somethin'-somethin' at the end of today's post. 

The app is called: Intervals. 

Easy enough, right?

It looks like this.

It's FREE! There is also a paid version that offers more features, however, I've been just fine with the free version for 6+ months now. 

It's FREE! There is also a paid version that offers more features, however, I've been just fine with the free version for 6+ months now. 

The Basics

With the Intervals App, you can create a custom workout timer with working/rest intervals of your choice. It "dings" to notify you when you can start/stop, and it displays how many rounds you have left as well as your total workout time.

This last feature --the total workout time-- is super convenient for me because it lets me know ahead of time exactly how long the circuit will take. If I know I'm in a hurry or only want to do 101-15 minutes of cardio, for example, I set up the timer and can see my total work time without any calculations on my part. (Hallelujah, where my non-math people at?!)

How To Set Up The Timer

Raise your hand if you avoid using gym equipment for the sole reason of not knowing how to work it? I totally get it, and I don't want that to be the case with this app! Here's a step-by-step set-up guide for a 10 minute 30 second tabata interval workout:

1. Open the app and click the "edit" icon in the upper right hand corner. 
2. Name your timer if you want, and click the box under "High Intensity Interval."
3. Set the duration to :20.
4. Press "back" and select "Low Intensity Interval." (You can name these intervals, too!)
5. Set the duration to :10
6. Press "back" and select "Number of Interval Sets." (This is how many sets of each exercise you will do.)
7. Enter "4" for the number of interval sets. 
8. Press "back" and select "Number of Cycles." (This is how many total exercises you plan to do.)
9. Enter "5" for the number of cycles. 
10. Press "back" set your "Cycle Recovery" to :50. 

Feel free to customize alerts, button colors, and link the app to your Apple watch!

Want to try it out for your next workout?

I'm giving you NO EXCUSES! Here's a FREE "Create Your Own HIIT Cardio" form with simple instructions for building you next interval workout!