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Coach. Artist. Writer. Trainer. Teacher. Friend.


My Blogs

The Line is my weekly blog where I write short, thought-provoking posts to encourage you to blur the line between who you are and how you live. Subscribe below to get new posts straight to your inbox!

I also write weekly at Health + Happiness, a blog dedicated specifically to my personal resources, recommendations & advice on all things health and happiness.


My love of teaching and my insatiable thirst for abundant and authentic living intersect to form the core of my coaching services. I believe the foundation of happiness is simply being your truest self & living your best life, neither of which are possible without health (in all its forms.) Through my personal training + coaching services, I help women not only get healthier, but happier, too.


My Artwork

Art is so much a part of my happiness and authentic living. 
Everything here is handmade, meaningful & original. I also do custom projects!

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