personal training

I offer women’s only in-person training at a semi-private facility in Charleston, SC. I love helping women feel comfortable lifting weights, and while I cater each workout to the client’s specific goals/needs, my sessions typically include a small cardio portion followed by strength work.

Everyone’s first session is on the house, so fill out the form below and come give it a try, risk-free!

I also offer online personal training through my personally designed and operated app for clients not in the area or simply looking to train on their own with a reliable plan.

**I’m currently accepting online + in-person clients!

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  1. How much do you charge?
    Session prices vary depending on how many sessions you purchase together, but you will never pay more than $45/hr/person or $25/half-hour/person. Partner-workouts/group classes are priced differently.

  2. How long is a session?
    I offer 30-minute and 1-hour sessions.

  3. Do I need a gym membership?
    No! The facility I train out of does not require a gym membership for personal training clients.

  4. Can I bring a friend/partner?
    Sure! I offer “double” sessions for friends/couples, or you can pay per session for “drop-in” guests.

  5. I don’t want to “bulk up” by lifting weights. Can we only do cardio?
    There is a certain training + eating pattern necessary to bulk up. If you’re nervous about getting “too big,” we will train accordingly, but I don’t offer cardio-only sessions.

  6. I’m super out of shape and afraid working with a trainer is too intense for me.
    That’s actually all the more reason to work with a trainer! We can scale the workouts to meet you where you’re at and make sure you progress by properly tracking what we do together.

  7. What are your hours/when are you available?
    My hours are flexible to meet my clients’ needs, however, I do not train on Saturday evenings or all day Sunday.

  8. Do you do nutrition plans too?
    I help all of my clients with nutrition at a basic level for no extra charge, but individualized nutrition plans + accountability are sold separately. You can check out some of my nutrition plans here!