W.H.O. (6th-8th grades)

W.H.O. (6th-8th grades)


W.H.O. stands for "We Honor Ourselves" and is a group for girls in 6th - 8th grades. We meet weekly for a total of 8 weeks. In W.H.O., we discuss issues relevant to teenage girls and develop strategies to handle them. Each W.H.O. girl will develop a sense of community, while also fostering a healthy relationship with herself!


This group meets once a week for 8 weeks and uses questioning, writing prompts and discussion to encourage and develop introspective skills. We cover tops like: self-confidence, relationships, responsibility, and family & friends. 

WHEN: dates to be determined when registration reaches capacity!
WHERE: outdoors (Details upon registration)
WHAT TO BRING: towel/mat to sit on, snack if desired