20 Excuses I've Used to Avoid Almost Anything

*The following post is adapted from an 2016 writing.*


1. I don’t have enough time. 
[How much time would be enough? Make it.]

2. I don’t know where to start. 
[Anywhere, just start. The only wrong place to start is no where.]

3. I’ll do it tomorrow. 
[You said that yesterday. What’s wrong with right now?]

4. I’ll do it when the weekend is over.
[Because Mondays are soOoOO much more fun and productive…?]

5. I would do it, but I don’t wanna do it alone. 
[Then you don’t really wanna do it.]

6. Someone might see me. 
[And then what? And then what?]

7. I don’t have any money. 
[None? Like zero? Come on, don’t let money be in charge.]

8. I don’t have anything to wear. 
[You do too. What are you afraid of? The paparazzi?]

9. I don’t want to be tired tomorrow. 
[Then don’t be.]

10. I’m too tired. 
[Don’t be.]

11. Will this one thing/time/minute/cookie really make a difference?
[If you say that every time, it’s no longer just “one cookie”.]

12. I don’t have any gas. 
[Did the world run out, too?]

13. I don’t feel like getting dressed. 
[Do you feel like watching your life out the window?]

14. My hair is dirty. 
[Dry shampoo. Hats. Headbands. Buns are SO in. This is invalid.]

15. I already showered. 
[Is that permanent?]

16. I don’t know how. 

17. The printer is out of ink.
[See excuse 12].

18. I don’t have enough experience.
[How much is enough? Go get it.]

19. I’m too old. 
[Says who?]

20. I’m too young. 
[Says who?]

Excuses are what we use when we’re too scared to tell the truth,
and the truth is often that we’re simply scared.

Things change immensely when we stop hiding behind excuses and start just telling the truth (to others, and to ourselves.)