3 Small Changes

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I spend my time.

By nature of what I do, I have a lot of control over my time, which I always thought would be the ultimate freedom, but sometimes it feels like the ultimate burden.

I remember graduating college and having total control over my time for the first time in my entire life. Before I got a job or started summer school or entered whatever phase of pre-programmed activity of my life, my time was— for the first time— completely mine.

It felt awesome.

Until it didn’t.

We’ve all been there, even if only in small increments.
As a child, summer break would hit and like raging rodeo bulls we were buck-wild with the new-found freedom of summer! Woohoo!

Only to wind up bored a week later.

Time is hard, and learning to manage it has been an ongoing challenge of my “adult” life.

In my quest for better time management, I discovered Shawn Blanc, who says we really need to drop this whole idea of “time management” and shift into “time ownership.”

Photo by Free Nature Stock

Photo by Free Nature Stock

That’s exactly where I’m at.

I want to own my time.

I recognize what an enormous gift any time at all is, but especially “free” time— time I get to choose how to spend.

Here are 3 commitments I’m working on honoring for the sake of better owning my time. I encourage you to try one or two or come up with your own commitments in order to better own your time, too.
It’s all so very precious, after all.

  1. 3 hours of “deep work”

    They don’t all have to be in a row. (In fact, they won’t be in a row.) But they will all be solid 60-minute sessions of uninterrupted work. Borrowed this concept from Cal Newport.

  2. more solitude

    I’m using this definition of solitude (again from Cal Newport): “freedom from input from other minds.” Turning off the radio. Putting down my phone. Tuning out of my podcasts.
    Not always, just more often.

  3. less multi-tasking

    I talked about this at the beginning of this year. I’m going to do more single-tasking. One thing at at a time, so I can be all in whatever I’m doing.

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