Have To vs Want To

I stumbled on this August 2018 journal doodle yesterday—

Scannable Document on Feb 16, 2019 at 9_04_55 AM.PNG

“There is no
greater than that of being you.”

How easy is it to let the “have-tos” swallow us up and push aside our “wants?”

For me, it’s easy to rationalize why spending time working, cleaning, bill-paying, networking is “better” than spending time creating, ideating, walking, talking. The first are things I “have” to do. The latter are things I simply want to do.

However, like I scribbled here in 2018, I don’t think the “have-tos” even matter if we ignore the “wants.” If we deny ourselves the things that bring us pleasure, that make us who we are, how relevant can all of the other stuff even be?

What if we finally understood the truth: that our wants are really our musts?
What would that change for you?