How to be Present

In light of the increasingly difficult task of being present during the holiday hoopla, I’ve created a FREE 10-Day workshop on presence. 

The Presence Workshop will be a series of short, daily emails with ACTIONABLE takeaways and CONCRETE practices for you to implement in order to be more present.

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So That You May Shine

The more we treat the others humans of this world as ATMs,
transactional beings to which we offer a robotic “Hey how are you”
so that we might get what we want from them,
the further we expand the gap between You and Me.
And the bigger the gap, the harder it will be for us to love.

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Why are you like that?

Turns out, most people have reasons for doing what they do.
We may not know them.
We may not understand them.
But why jump to the conclusion, as I did with the woman on the road, that people are simply mindless idiots with no thought behind their actions whatsoever?

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