Absence Heightens Awareness


This past weekend, Michael (my boyfriend, roommate, best friend, parter-in-crime of 10+ years now) was out of town for a couple of nights.

I crawled in bed the first night and thought, “Why is it so hot in here??”
Oh, that’s because Michael always turns the air down before bed.

Also last week, I kept getting daily stomach aches. Fearful of some adulthood-development of lactose intolerance, I started reading the ingredients of every food label.

Just like that time about a year ago when I decided to try out veganism for 2 weeks just for “fun.” (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t that fun.)

in both instances, I started paying way more attention to what I was eating.

As Lent comes to a close, I’m thinking how much absence heightens our awareness.

I think sometimes (most of the time) it takes a hole—a gap, an empty space in our lives — for us to really notice, understand & appreciate what used to be where the hole is now.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” because absence makes the mind more conscious of what is no longer there.

What does this look like in your life?

Think of something you do/use/eat/say every day.
(coffee, social media, TV, chocolate, the word “sorry” complaining, interrupting people, bread)

Now cut it out. Just for a day. What does your life look like without _______?

I’d love to hear what you experiment with (or think about experimenting with if you’re too nervous to actually cut it out.)