We're All The Same

Everyone is different but pretty much the same. Small things separate us, but big things bring us together. 

We’re not all scared of the same things, but we’re all scared of something. 

What stresses us out varies from person to person, but everyone is stressed about something. 

We don’t all laugh at the same things, but we all laugh. 

Likewise, we don’t all cry at the same parts, but we all cry. 

We might not all care for the same reasons, but we all care. 

Moreover, what we care about is often different, but we all care about something.

Everyone is different but pretty much the same. 

We tend to be really good at remembering and highlighting our differences.

So far, current politics have done nothing but separate as we focus only on the things that divide us, and not on the opinions we share.

When we get cut off in traffic, we decide without hesitation that we couldn’t be any more different than that a-hole. Where did he learn to drive?! (Probably at a similar institution to the one at which we learned to drive, shockingly enough.)

And when someone we know rises to the top, finds happiness and success, we again rest in the false belief that we are much different than they are, because that belief allows us to stay comfortably stuck in mediocrity. 

The truth is, everyone is different, but pretty much the same. It’s only the small things that separate us. The man (or woman) who “has it all” is not much different than you or me, in terms of the big things. He has dreams, fears, plans that might not work and things he’d never say out loud. It is only the small things that differentiate him. He said “I will” instead of “I might,” and feared mediocrity more than failure. 

Everyone is different but pretty much the same. The small things separate us, but the big things bring us together. Why don’t we focus more on the big things, so that we can connect as we were intended to, rather than seek cowardly comfort in distance and separation?