Back To Basics

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The liberating summer weeks after I quit teaching were filled with writing, painting, drawing, sketching, furiously turning pages in my notepad as ideas poured from my mind onto the blank papers. Metaphorically speaking, I was soul vomitting. Sounds great, right? (I mean, it kinda actually does…)

All of my previously squashed creativity was oozing through every pore. My fingertips were burning with gold and endless strings of words and thoughts. It was like that old game Pipe Dream where the green slime is continuously flowing and you’re racing to build a maze for it to navigate through. 

With no judgment, hesitation, and hardly any fear, I was vigorously connecting pipe after pipe with no real plan in mind besides giving my slime (creativity) somewhere to go. 

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Fast forward nearly 2 years later, life has happened, things have changed, demands have arisen, plans have evolved, and I found myself just the other day wondering where that vigor and creative passion went. I have come face to face with the opposite of my core principle: to be what I do, to make who I am and what I do the same. 

I have gotten caught up in the webs of logic and reason, fallen prey to the questions of society that haunt me: “What are you doing? How’s work going?”

I have lost sight of the very things that made me come alive during that post-teaching summer. I have forgotten the elements that made me me and also made me my work. 

It’s time to get back to the basics: painting for no reason, writing for pleasure and without judgement, trusting that the silent, private work I do is my work. 

TL;DR — Don’t get swallowed up in the big things facading as important things that you forget the little things that are truly, purely the actual important things. It might be time to consider getting back to the basics. 

It’s a good Christmas message, but it works year-round, too.