Be, then have.


Most of us operate under the “have, then be” logic. 

"Once I have X, then I’ll be Y."

Once I have a job I love, then I’ll be happy.

Once I make 6 figures, then I’ll be successful. 

Once I have a body like that, then I’ll be confident.

And we keep our heads down & eyes on the prize, grinding it out under this logic, even though it leaves us feeling so unhappy and frustrated so much of the time.

What would it look for you to reverse that logic, though? 

How would things change for you if you operated under a "be, then have" logic?

The truth is, you create the reality you want for yourself by being before you have.

I've been trying to adopt the "Be, then have" mentality lately & I challenge you to do the same.

Hit "reply" to this email & tell me what that looks like for you!