Contrast Is The Best Teacher

Contrast is the best teacher. 

Only in absence do we appreciate presence. 

Only when we don't have are we thankful for having. 

Only when the electricity goes out do we truly value our light switches and microwaves and fans. 

Only when time is limited do we understand how precious time is. 

This is the way of the brain and the heart. It has never been another way. We are wired for equilibrium. Our desire for balance is no accident. 

There is no white if black does not exist, no hellos if there are never goodbyes. We will never know full if we do not experience empty. We will never furiously and relentlessly pursue unless we have felt total and utter dissatisfaction with what is.

Because we seek equilibrium, disequilibrium is our friend; contrast is our greatest teacher. We will never learn by getting what we want, only by getting what we do not want. 

In hate, we will learn love. 

In difference, we will learn understanding. 

In war, we will learn peace. 

In discomfort, comfort. In impatience, patience. 

No sooner, and no later. There is no easy way.


Emily JordanComment