Dear Ego

— the sun will always rise & set regardless

— the sun will always rise & set regardless

So, dear, ego, 

I will plan, 

because it brings you peace.

I will list and count,

lay out before me

on journal pages and documents

where I want to go

and the steps I will take to get there.

And when it all goes up in flames

for the seventeenth time

and the smoke begins to burn your eyes

and you panic as all the preparation becomes insignificant

and you want to give up 

because now you are crushed

I will not say, “I told you so,” 

even though, I did tell you so—

that plans are your invention,

made up by you and for you

and I discovered long ago

after disaster eleven

that plans are only good 

for a false sense of security,

that real security,

real peace

comes from detaching from the belief

that we need any at all.

I typically don’t share my poetry here on the blog but this one came through me like a sneeze the other day so I couldn’t help but share.
Constantly reminding myself that everything will be okay whether I plan or not.
Hope you enjoy this piece and it brings you the PEACE that it brings me.