20 Excuses I’ve Used to Avoid Almost Anything

1. I don’t have enough time. 
[How much time would be enough? Make it.]

2. I don’t know where to start. 
[Anywhere, just start. The only wrong place to start is no where.]

3. I’ll do it tomorrow. 
[You said that yesterday. Today is already tomorrow.]

4. I’ll do it when the weekend is over.
[Because Mondays are soOoOO much more fun and productive…?]

5. I would do it, but I don’t wanna do it alone. 
[Then you probably don’t really wanna do it.]

6. People might look at me funny. 
[And then what?]

7. I don’t have any money. 
[None? Like zero? Be more honest..]

8. I don’t have anything to wear. 
[You do too. What are you afraid of? The paparazzi?]

9. I don’t want to be tired tomorrow. 
[Then don’t be.]

10. I’m too tired. 
[Don’t be.]

11. Will this one thing/time/minute/cookie really make a difference?
[It's not about this "one" time. It's about creating a habit.]

12. I don’t have any gas. 
[Did the world run out, too?]

13. I don’t feel like getting dressed. 
[Do you feel like watching your life out the window?]

14. My hair is dirty. 
[Dry shampoo. Hat. Headband. Buns are legit fashionable. This is invalid.]

15. I already showered. 
[Would it kill you to do it again?]

16. I don’t know how. 

17. The printer is out of ink.
[See excuse 12].

18. I don’t have enough experience.
[How much is enough? Go get it.]

19. I’m too old. 
[Says who?]

20. I’m too young. 
[Says who?]

There it is:  20 excuses I’ve used to dodge work, social outings, new projects, and tons of invites to random things like Saturday morning gym classes and Friday night bar hopping where there might be people I don't know (YIKES!)

 I can talk myself out of almost anything, but I can’t seem to talk myself into the things I want to. 


The more we concentrate on living honestly- that is to say, choosing to say "yes" and "no" for real reasons rather than imaginary ones- the more meaningful our lives become. 

What excuses do you use? What do you say back to them?