Gathering Information

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It’s very interesting, to me, how one of my (& I suspect yours too) natural reactions to “failure” is to quit.

When I don’t get what I was aiming for or I botch an interaction with someone, my go-to response is just to shrink away and abort the mission entirely.

Can you relate?

When we perceive our efforts as “failures,” we get frustrated, naturally, and as yet another natural response, we want to get as far away as possible from that experience or the potential for another one like it as possible.

But the real failure is not in missing the mark or falling short.

The real failure is in quitting altogether.

Just like my girl Jen Sincero says here, everything else is just gathering information!

It’s such a shame to me when I see & feel myself pulling away from something that I want simply because I didn’t get it on this try.

Why would I give up if this is what I want?! Why not just keep going?! Isn’t quitting actually taking me further away from where I really want to be?

Yes, yes, yes!

The next time you feel like you’re failing at whatever endeavor it is you’re pursuing— be it a creative project, a relationship, a health pursuit or new activity— consider how much information you’re gathering… and keep going.

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