Greet The Day


I recently added a half-hour of some “outdoor activity” into my morning routine & man, what a difference it’s made!

I’ve been walking or biking for 30 minutes every morning (except Saturday) before breakfast for the past week & I just feel so different in so many ways, but my biggest takeaway that I wanted to share with you this morning is the idea of “greeting the day.”

I realized during my $h!t week last week that I was being super passive, not only in the way I was living in general, but in the way I was waking up, and that was setting my mood for the rest of the day.

I kept waking up thinking things like:
“Ugh, I’m not ready to get up.”
”I don’t feel like doing anything today.”
”Is it the weekend yet?”

A really cheery, peppy co-worker asked one day, “How’s it goin’ sis?!” (he calls every lady “sis”) and I sighed in response, “Oh, you know… another day another dollar.”

Then, one morning before my walk, I snapped a pic of the pink & orange sky, typed out “GREET THE DAY” and sent it out into the instagram world, not really thinking much of it at the time.

Turns out, I thought about those 3 words my whole walk.



To greet the day means to live actively, on purpose. It means to wake up with CHOICE, with OWNERSHIP of your mood & your day’s activities, instead of with the “another day another dollar” mentality.

It means to say, “Hi!” to the day & understand that YOU get to choose every. single. day. how you’re going to carry yourself.

Monday does not owe it to you to be a good day. Neither does Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- heck, not even Friday! None of us inherently deserves good days. We’re all subject to good days & bad days and great weeks & $h!t weeks from time to time.

But you’re still in charge.

You can still choose to greet the day & live on purpose instead of just waiting on life to hand you something great.

For me, greeting the day looks like taking 30 minutes every morning to be with myself, outside, breathing in the air & saying, “Hey today!” as I choose which kind of day I want to have.

What will greeting the day look like to you?