Holiday Ache


Continuing with last week’s holiday thoughts, I wanted to share with you some more seasonal wonderings floating around in my head— not just for the sheer selfish pleasure I get in sharing, but also for the desire I have to build little bridges from person to person, that we might feel less isolated and more connected, and remember—not just during the holidays, but always— that we’re in this thing together.

For all my 25 years of breathing and experiencing, my dad has said, “We’re all more alike than different,” and I find that not only to be extremely true but also distinctly comforting. What a relief it is when I remember you, too, share my questions, fears, aches and battles.

The paradoxical holiday thought that keeps creeping up for me is one I’m sure you share, too. For me, and I’m guessing for you as well, the holidays are both a time of peace & stress. They bring a deep happiness & a deep ache, a tingling sense of joy & a tightness in my throat.

I stress about what to get whom, where to be when, travel arrangements and work management. I ache for the innocence of childhood Christmases I can no longer capture, for those who go without. I get terribly excited to be surrounded by family & friends, carols & warm drinks, yet I can’t help but think of the deflation that comes on December 26th.

Do you know what I mean?

How can we combat the tug-of-war between joy & anxiety?

I think the answer lies in the art of being present.

Because I believe so much in presence & because I know it takes practice, I created a 10-day presence workshop to help you practice it. My hope is that you’ll sign up to receive the daily email, take 2 minutes to read it & implement the practices to find out which ones work best for you, so that presence can be a year-round thing, not just something for these joyously stressful few weeks of the year.

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