How to be Present


Be present.

Be here, now. 

This moment, not the next one, or the one before.

Be in this one.

Quit thinking about what you’ll eat in 2 hours, what you need to do tomorrow, who’s coming over for the holidays.

Just be right here!

Why is that so hard? 

Because we have egos imaginary little inner train conductors who think they know what’s best, trying to steer us to safety and comfort, attempting to avoid every bump in the road and possible disturbance. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 5.30.10 PM.png

Bless our egos. They’re just trying to protect us, but in that impossible pursuit, they are also depriving us of this moment

Because when we constantly think of the next moment, when we constantly attempt to resolve old pain & avoid future pain, we’re everywhere but here. We’re so not present.

In light of the increasingly difficult task of being present during the holiday hoopla, I’ve created a FREE 10-Day workshop on presence. 

The Presence Workshop will be a series of short, daily emails with ACTIONABLE takeaways and CONCRETE practices for you to implement in order to be more present.

You can sign up by clicking the button below anytime. Invite a friend, or get a group together to discuss your practices daily. Or just let it be your private thing. Whatever and however you decide to join, I hope you do & I look forward to teaching you some presence practices soon!