LIFE: Going All In

We were sitting at a stop light when another car pulled up beside us, music blaring, windows down, the metal frame literally rattling from the vibrations of the beat. The driver of the music-blasting car was nodding his head along, rhythmically tapping the steering wheel and his entire torso was moving in sync with each beat and every lyric.


The person I was with rolled their eyes and shook their head, and through an exhale said, “I just don’t get why anyone needs their music to be that loud.”

But I get it. 

And occasionally, I’m that person. Occasionally, when I’ve double-checked that no one is watching me (because everyone’s always watching us, right?) I turn up the music and let the words & music seep out of every pore and opening in my soul. 

And it feels fantastic. 

Going all in, turning it all the way up, letting it all out, putting it all on the line— it’s the only way to happiness, love, winning, freedom. None of those are half-way things. They’re not medium-level experiences.

There’s nothing lukewarm about love.

It’s a directly proportional relationship: half-in equals half out. 

If you aren’t willing to go full speed ahead and pour yourself entirely into it, you will reap proportional benefits. There’s no way around it. You don’t get to be half-in and get the full results. You don’t get to dip your toe in and enjoy the water at the same time. It doesn’t work that way. 

You might get burned, but you also might ignite.

Here are some illustrations of quotes that remind me to “go all in.”