LIFE: The "Now" Part Of My Story

March 2018- me in the "now" part of my story

I'm not quite sure where to start with the "now" part of my story. It's been a lot easier to write about the parts that I'm no longer living in, the parts that had a clear ending point. But this part, wherever I am now, how do I begin describing it?

How do I tell you about this part, when it's kind of like all the other parts combined?

In a way, I am still very much in the beginning part of my story, and some days I'm in the sad part of my story, while others I'm in the really happy part. There's certainly many parts of my story unfolding right now that you don't know about (that I don't even know about) so truly, what should I say to tell you the "now" part of my story?

Should I tell you what my days are like and how I struggle with justifying any pursuit that doesn't directly and immediately turn a profit?

Should I tell you what routines & mantras I've implemented to make sure I keep a level head and clear mind through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? 

Or should I tell you how it feels to post so much of my private life publicly while I wonder if I'm doing anything post-worthy at all?

I could tell you all of those things, because all of those things are pieces of the "now" part of my story. My "now" is a heavy dose of all the kinds of hard work: emotional, physical, mental and social. My "now" is a giant, tangled up knot with clarity & purpose in the center, and I'm just trying to keep untangling all the strings until I get there. 

8" x 8" print available on

8" x 8" print available on

The "now" part of my story really can't be told, because I'm telling it everyday. I'm writing it through every blog post & instagram picture. I'm living it every second, and it spans both forward and backward. You know the "now" part of my story because you know the past parts of my story, and because you're a part of that story, too. 

The "now" part of my story is about remembering the beginning part, the sad part and the happy part. It's about understanding why those parts needed to happen and who I am because of them. There is no "now" without all of those other parts, so that's kind of all I can say about the "now" part of my story. 

You know it already, and you're both witnessing & participating in it right this very moment. 

Thanks for both of those things, and for letting me tell my story, not just for these past few weeks, but for the coming weeks & years, too. Next week, back to regularly scheduled programming!